10 Ways to Use Lessons From The Road to Promote Your Business

1. Send our booklet to your clients instead of a calendar or a coffee mug.
2. Use our booklet as a promotional mailer to your prospects.
3. Use our booklet to add an incentive when trying to close a sale.
4. Offer our booklet at trade shows; insert your flyer or have us customize it.
5. Include our booklet in your invoices to thank customers.
6. Give copies of our booklet to people who can refer business to you.
7. Have a customized version of our booklet in your waiting area.
8. Have your customers compete to add one-liners to our booklets.
9. Use our booklet as a prize for trade shows, to increase booth traffic.
10. Use our booklet as a tool to negotiate with vendors, salespeople, co-workers.