guess this firm’s industry

I was offered a business opportunity with a new firm. The firm had the following problems:

1) They were under-capitalized. They were only at 10% of goal for year’s end, which was two months away. So poor marketing, poor sales, poor sales forecasting.
2) The firm’s website was difficult to understand. It spoke more of the company’s history and brilliance of the players. It spoke very little of how the firm would help its clients!
3) The software product that they have is perhaps 5% better than one I can get for $39/month with unlimited users. They are asking 10’s of thousands of dollars for this.
4) They were asking me to sell their product, which competes with my own.
5) They were offering me a small (below market) percentage of the sale to my clients. Whereas if I sold my own services, I would receive 100% of the revenue.
6) Their sales director couldn’t make a sale. Rather than fire her, they are repurposing her into another department.
7) They completely misunderstood the necessary time to market to have a success.
8) They wanted me to work on my own, no phone, no money up front, no business card.

Can you guess what industry this firm holds itself out as expert in?

Corporate Strategy!!!