The top 10 ways to keep from selling in China (or anywhere else).

1) Make no investment in the country. Don’t learn any of the
language, don’t read about the culture, and don’t visit frequently.
Why waste your valuable time?

2) Don’t spend any money. Use a “straight commission, no cure
no pay” business model. After all, no one else is interested in the
Chinese market, so remember that people are actually waiting around
for your product.

3) Keep those business trips short. The culture is over 4000
years old, but you can do a deal in a weekend. And if you can, keep
all meetings to 20 minutes or less.

4) Show the Chinese “who is boss.” Dictate all terms. Be as
inflexible as possible. This will force them to respect your

5) Don’t bother with costly translations and interpreters. If
these people don’t speak, read and write English, then it is your
duty to modernize them.

6) Ignore local laws. Law is law, but business is business.
Nothing hinders a deal more than difficult, ancient laws. To
overcome Chinese resistance, force your laws down their throats.

7) Arrive late to meetings. “A busy man is an important man.”
Command respect immediately by making the Chinese wait.

8) Remember the American sense of humor. The best way to get a
point across is using a little joke. Sex, religion and politics are
always suitable topics to pass a few laughs with.

9) Critique that government. Everyone admires the American
sense of free speech. If you disagree with government policies or
officials, don’t’ be shy about broadcasting your opinions.

10) Change that culture. If you are unhappy with “the Chinese way
of doing business” then do things your way. Live by the motto:
“It’s my way or the highway.”

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